The Art workers event series

March 25-28, 2019
rum46, Aarhus

The Art Workers Event Series explores the issue of financial stability for visual artists. WRITE A MUCH BETTER, MORE COMPREHENSIVE TEXT.

Featuring artists Fiona Reilly (IE), Kelly Lloyd (US), and Lise Skou (DK).
Curated with Sasha Rose Richter.
Supported by rum46, Aarhus Billedkunstcenter and Tækker Fonden.


The Art Workers Event Series - Badge launch
March 25. 16.00-18.00

The Event Series kicked off with the launch of the Art Workers badge, a new project by Irish artist Fiona Reilly.
Many artists have to supplement the income they earn through their art with paid employment outside their field. The Art Workers Badge is designed to be worn by artists at their so-called "money jobs." LINK TO FIONA’s TEXT?

AW badges edited.jpg

The Art Workers Event Series - JBA TV Special
March 26. 16.00-18.00

The Just Business Agency will interrupt normal programming to present It's Just Television, a television special featuring By Way of Today, CaylaMae, CaW Research Group, Stephanie Graham, Leslie Lawrence, Jesse Malmed, The MorphoTransverse Method, Nice Talk, Postmodern Talking and Lea Devon Sorrentino.

The Art Workers Event Series - AaBKC Social with Kelly Lloyd
March 27. 9.30-10.30

Kelly Lloyd led a discussion over breakfast about the research she engaged in during her recent tenure as AaBKC Residency's Fall 2018 artist-in-residence, which examined contemporary artists' livelihoods in Aarhus.

The Art Workers Event Series - Århus Feminist Reading Group
March 28. 16.00-18.00

The final event in The Art Workers Event Series considered what it means to be an "art worker" through the lens of Julia Bryan-Wilson's text, "Occupational Realism." The discussion was framed by a talk by Fiona Reilly and moderated by Århus Feminist Reading Group.