Mellemrummet, Aarhus
October 2016

Christian Saucedo created Klodeskyer while on residence at Aarhus Center for Visual Art in 2016.

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Christian Saucedo, Klodeskyer, 2016. Photo by Christian Saucedo.

Suspended next to one of Mellemrummet’s large glass windows, Klodeskyer filters and is illuminated by natural light, floating two meters above the floor to highlight the architectural specificities of this narrow but lofty room between two historical buildings. 

Mexican artist and architect Christian Saucedo is fascinated by the relationship between natural materials and built space. His sculptures reveal something about the spaces they are in – the shift of the light, the colors of the wall, the textures of the floor. Unlike most architects, who progress from idea to design to finished product, Saucedo adopts a more fluid, non-linear approach to object making that is grounded in a sustained investigation of materiality. Moving from concept to experimentation to design and back again, he develops and refines his works in response to the colour, texture, transparency, weight, and volume of the material at hand, testing the ways in which materials operate in space and adjusting his designs to cultivate an embodied and relational viewing experience. 

As the culmination of Saucedo’s three-month residency with Aarhus Center for Visual Art, Klodeskyer foregrounds this labour of art-making. Featuring preparatory sketches, designs, and three-dimensional models, the installation tells a collective story of rigorous research and purposeful experimentation, of a careful and deliberate creative practice.  

Yet the visual interest and aesthetic value of the individual experiments blur the line between the “completed” art object and the process of art-making, inviting viewers to question the distinction between artwork and the literal work of art. 

- Exhibition text by Pamela Grombacher

Christian Saucedo, Klodeskyer, detail, 2016

Christian Saucedo, Klodeskyer, detail, 2016

Christian Saucedo's Klodeskyer, pictured with models

Christian Saucedo, Klodeskyer models, 2016

Klodeskyer exhibition postcard